Patrick Juchli is a software developer living in Berlin. Visual and interactive applications are his main focus. He has worked as a senior developer and project lead.

He is available for freelance work, email to get in touch.


Camera for iOS

A Stilla recording is interactive and resembles a crystal. Facets are blending into each other as you turn it in your hand. It’s a 3D camera, yet deliberately low-tech to foster creativity and allow fast shooting. Recordings can be shared online. (2012)


Messenger for iOS/Android

A secure messenger with end-to-end encryption, group-chats and a nearby-mode to automatically join conversations with people around you. ︎I was project lead at ART+COM for a team of 14 people. (2014)

Soapbox Racer

3D online app and racing game

Create a soapbox car in 3D using simple freehand drawing and race it against an opponent. Physics simulation correctly reflects your design – including the shape of the wheels. I was lead developer for car construction and game in a team of 9 people. (2009)

Flight Lab

3D online app and flight simulator

Create any airplane in 3D, apply different materials and fly it in a real 6-DOF flight simulator by flapping wings. The physics engine is tweaked a bit to make fish fly, too. I was lead developer for airplane construction and flight simulator in a team of 7 people. (2008)

Oubey Mindkiss

App for Mac/Windows

Portrait of an artist, following the traces of his work and life. The app is an interactive journey through paintings, photos and videos. All visual elements are tied together by a dynamic particle system. Made for Lessrain and as:if film matters. (2011)

The Lake

A sound journey for iOS

This is a sound journey. You are on your way to a lake. All you have is a playing card and all you can do is turn it, once, twice, many times. Every time you turn the card you get closer to the lake. Headphones only.


The projects I've been a part of have been awarded with 3 Webbys (Game or Application), 2 FWA Site of the Month, Clio Gold, BIMA Gold, at One Show Interactive and Cannes Lion. I worked for clients like Sony, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, VW, Saudi Aramco and Red Bull. I'm originally from Switzerland and worked for a couple of years in Tokyo. The languages I've been using in production are mainly C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Go, Python, Javascript and GLSL.

Thanks for your interest! For more projects, details or anything else, please get in touch.